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Quick Pic Station

Quick Pic Station


  1. Are your Photo Booths easy to use?
    Absolutely!! Just look, smile and pose!!

  2. How much floor space will the Booth take up?
    The Quick Pic Station takes about a 10 X 10 area including table for scrap book and printing.

  3. Do you need electricity for the equipment?
    Yes, just a regular outlet is needed, we will provide extension cords if needed.

  4. How long does it take you to set up and take down the booth and equipment?
    Typically we arrive an hour before the event starts to set up the Quick Pic Station and make sure it is to your liking.

  5. What if something goes wrong with the computer, camera or printer?
    Our product is of the highest quality and we don't expect any issues, however we all have to plan for the unexpected,, our on site attendant will be able to correct any issues.

  6. Do you have liability insurance?
    Yes we do, most venues require it.

  7. Does the Photo Booth have to be in a different room than the event? 
    No, in fact we encourage the Quick Pic Station to be in the same room of the event to maximize its use.

  8. My event has a color scheme. Can you incorporate it into the Booth? 
    Yes, we can customize the look of the booth to seamlessly fit in with your event.

  9. How many people fit inside the Photo Booth?
    Typically 4-6 comfortably fit inside the Quick Pic Station, however we have seen some nights with many more bombing the pic!!

  10. Can pictures be printed in color or black and white?
    Yes, we offer both

  11. How long does it take to print my photos? 
    Prints will be ready seconds after the pictures are taken

  12. Do you offer props for guests? 
    Yes, we offer an array of props, including hats, glasses, masks and speech bubbles. The amount of props in our prop box depends on the package you choose. We can also customize props for your event.

  13. Do I have to pay for props?
    No, props are included in the price you see online.

  14. Is travel time included in our rental time?
    No, your rental time starts at the time on your contract. Travel and set up is free of charge!!

  15. What forms of payment do you accept? 
    We conveniently accept checks.

  16. What are your rates?
    Our rates vary depending on the package you choose, please check our price list page for up to date prices.

  17. Are there any hidden charges? 
    Absolutely NOT! The price you see is the price you pay!

  18. Do you require a deposit at the time of booking? 
    Yes, to hold the date we require a 25% non refundable deposit

  19. What if my event is cancelled? Can I get my money back?
    Your 25% is deposit is non refundable, if you are paid in full and cancel within 60 days of your event you will receive 75% back.

  20. Does the Quick Pic Station replace a professional photographer?
    No, we are a unique fun photo booth and do not replace a professional photographer

  21. Will my guests really use it?
    YES!!!! In fact this is what they'll be talking about around the watercooler!

  22. Will there be an attendant managing the lounge area?
    Yes, included in your price is a professional attendant who will set up, stay during your contracted time and take the Station down
  23. Do you have choices that I can choose from for the layout of my photos for my event?
    Yes!!! You can choose many options from our list, they can be customized in any way with added graphic, logos or messages. Please click here to see a PDF of all our generic templates. (Please note that the black squares shown are where each picture will be placed and the blue background is generic and can be changed to any color)